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Compassionate & Understanding

Dr. Turok is a compassionate and understanding doctor who does everything he can to help every patient he has. His staff is friendly and welcoming. I have followed Dr. Turok from Bristol to Enfield and have been seeing him in Wallingford for the last few months. If anyone is looking for him, his number is 203-626-9080. A truly wonderful doctr who cares about his patients. A rarity to be found and important to hold on to.

Reviewer: Cheryl McCann

I absolutely loved Dr. Turok, I use the past tense as he apparently left the Spine and Pain Center in Bristol Ct where I am a patient. My only complaint is that he is no longer there and I am not happy at all with the doctors they have assigned me to since his departure. So much so that I am looking for treatment elsewhere, as they say the other doctors don’t have time for more patients. I was in the middle of a treatment plan with Dr. Turok, which has since come to a halt. The doctor I have now just wants to write prescriptions, no compassion, no interest in my pain, not even interested enough to flip through my file before seeing me! It was appalling! Dr. Turok was helping me. I have severe fibromyalgia as well as degenerative arthritis in my lower back and hips and bulging discs and am in constant pain. I feel as hopeless now as I did when I first went to see Dr. Turok. I wish I could find him.

Wonderful Doctor

I love Dr. Turok he has nice bedside manner and his staff is very kind also. I drive all the way from NH to Enfield, CT in order to see him. I have been to numerous pain clinics in New England and feel that Dr. Turok is truly trying to help me. He uses many different approaches to treat pain and I trust him.

Pain Treatment that Works

He’s with Masonicare now in Wallingford and I haven’t seen him there yet, although I will soon. I can say that after being sent to another physician in Bristol when he left, I did end up with a physician who seemed sympathetic but wasn’t willing to do anything but try useless procedures and give me more and heavier medications that didn’t help the pain, just made me tired and not care about it or anything else. I was unhappy to be back living a life not worth living. I work full time and can’t afford that. So I found Dr. Turok in Enfield and am following him again to Wallingford because what he does WORKS and it allows me to take LESS STRONG medicine LESS OFTEN while actually functioning better. Thank goodness, too, because I found out the hard way that those stronger medicines require more appointments, you have to have written RX every single time and the pharmacy handles them differently, too. They are a real hassle to be on so I recommend avoiding them if you can. Dr. Turok is high energy and sometimes that’s a bit tough to handle when you are in pain and tired, but he really is dedicated to reducing and/or stopping your pain and genuinely happy when you are improving. I’ve seen other doctors who don’t care; they just yell at patients and leave them to deal as best they can on their own even when you tell them that is not a workable option. I just hope Dr. Turok never leaves the state.