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Laser Liposuction

A proper diet and plenty of regular exercise are essential for your health, but it can be frustrating when you have stubborn areas of fat that don’t seem to change despite your best efforts. Laser Liposuction performed by Igor Turok, MD at Connecticut Pain Solutions in Ridgefield & Wallingford Connecticut, offers a solution to reduce unwanted fat in problem areas. If you want to find out more about Smart Lipo call today, or make an appointment online.
Liposuction Procedure

Smart Lipo In Connecticut

Even with the most diligent efforts to improve one's health through routine exercise and a healthy diet, many people struggle to eliminate stubborn body fat throughout their bodies. This barrier can decrease confidence levels and keep them one step away from achieving the physical goals they want.

Fortunately, a potential solution for this problem is Smart Lipo with the help of Connecticut Pain Solutions in Wallingford or Ridgefield, Connecticut. 

What You Need To Know About Smart Laser Liposuction

Smart laser liposuction could be your solution to removing stubborn fat and achieving your dream physique, so what exactly is it?

What Is Smart Liposuction?

Smart Liposuction is a type of minimally invasive lipo that uses laser technology to safely and carefully decrease fat deposits in the body. When patients have tried to reduce fat in these areas with diet and exercise to no avail, Smart Lipo can quickly liquify the cells and suck them out without having an invasive or unappealing visual effect on the body. Some providers may use the Smart Lipo Triplex machine, a more advanced version of the traditional Smart Lipo one that can offer slightly more precise results, though either type of treatment provides outstanding outcomes. 

When a surgeon or medical provider liquefies fat cells for their patient, it becomes easier to remove them through a cannula. A smaller cannula and fewer incisions mean less noticeable scarring when the treatment is over and less discomfort during treatment. Patients enjoy the fact that they can target stubborn fat quicker and with more convenience than other treatment options and can return to work and their lives much sooner. 

Understanding the Minimally Invasive Lipo Process

You can achieve a more attractive, Smart Lipo stomach with the help of our professionals at Connecticut Pain Solutions. First, your surgeon may provide you with anesthesia, numbing the area for a procedure that's as painless as possible. Then, they'll create a small incision in the target area, inserting the Smart Lipo laser fiber in a cannula underneath the skin.

Using this tool, the fiber will destroy and liquify fat cells, making them easier to remove than in their solid, more stubborn state. While suctioning them out, Smart Lipo also tightens the skin instead of creating sagging or awkward wrinkles like other procedures may. Additionally, it increases the amount of collagen in the area and promotes a more elastic and tight look.

Smart Lipo 360 means the procedure will address the 360 degrees in your midsection area. However, Smart Lipo isn't just for creating a tighter, more toned stomach. Patients seek out these helpful services from our business in Ridgefield or Wallingford, Connecticut, for the following areas:

  • Face
  • Neck and chin
  • Hips
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Breasts and chest
  • Knees
  • Legs
  • Jaw Line
  • Stomach
  • Waist
  • And more!

The details of your procedure will depend on your goals, current health, and other key factors that our team will discuss beforehand. If you're tired of working hard and struggling to eliminate stubborn fat from specific areas of your body and are otherwise healthy, it's time to take action and get the results you deserve. Our team at Connecticut Pain Solutions is ready to go over the details with you and see if Smart Lipo is right for you, so call 203-626-9080 to schedule a consultation and learn more about our services.

Before the Laser Liposuction Treatment

For the best results possible, it's important to know what you can expect from your laser liposuction appointment and how to prepare for it.

A member of our staff will help prepare you for your treatment day, offering recommendations for your medications if they'll have an impact and suggesting any changes to your daily activities. If you are currently a smoker, you will need to stop prior to treatment and halt taking any blood-thinning medication, such as aspirin. Failing to do so could cause complications with your Smart Lipo and problems during the procedure, so take care and don't hesitate to ask your treatment provider any questions.

It's a good key to limit your sun and UV exposure in the time leading up to the procedure. However, you don't want to coat your skin in heavy lotions or creams, as this can act as an unnecessary barrier. Working with our team means you will feel completely prepared and comfortable for your upcoming liposuction.

During Smart Liposuction

During your Smart Lipo appointment, you'll remain awake for the duration of the procedure, but you may notice a mix of cool and warm sensations as fat leaves your body. Some pressure may occur, but anesthesia helps make the service painless and stress-free. Smart Lipo skin tightening process could take anywhere from 25 minutes to two hours, depending on where on your body we are removing fat.

After Receiving Laser Liposuction

You should arrange to have someone accompany you and drive you home following your Smart Lipo procedure at one of our Connecticut facilities. You'll need to follow your provider's instructions on caring for your incision and the affected area. After a day or so of recovery, you should feel fine to return to your job or any other daily activities, making Smart Lipo a more reasonable procedure to factor into your lifestyle. 

We recommend waiting at least 48 hours to perform any light exercise to promote proper healing.

It's essential not to neglect healthy habits if you want the results of your Smart Lipo to stick around permanently. This means eating a well-balanced diet with fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly, and trying to avoid extreme weight changes. Those who gain weight following treatment may see a decline in their progress, but many people who stick to the advice of their specialist and stay healthy enjoy the results they love. 

Who Makes a Suitable Candidate for Smart Lipo in Connecticut?

You could be a good candidate for Smar Liposuction at Connecticut Pain Solutions if you are generally healthy and don't have any serious medical problems that could affect treatment. You also shouldn't see this as a fast way to lose. Instead, you should think of it as one of several steps toward achieving your dream figure. Routine exercise and a healthy diet are essential for losing weight, but Smart liposuction can help you further enhance your figure by removing stubborn fat. 

As an ideal candidate, you:

  • Do not currently smoke or will stop in the weeks before treatment.
  • Understand the risks and realistic expectations of Smart Lipo.
  • Do your research before pursuing the procedure.
  • Have a weight of 10 to 20 lbs from your goal weight.

Our practice provides the safe lipo CT residents enjoy and are happy to see if Smart Lipo is an appropriate fit.

The Best Benefits of Smart Liposuction for Connecticut Patients

Many of our patients have found Smart Liposuction treatments very rewarding and helpful for reaching their body goals. Those who are just shy of their goal weight can enjoy long-lasting results in a procedure that often takes less than two hours and has a short recovery period. Some of the most compelling reasons to consider seeking Smart Lipo services at one of our locations include:

Increased and Stimulated Collagen Production

The lasers in the procedure stimulate collagen, supporting your skin, muscles, and overall body health. 

A Contoured Body With Tightened Skin

If you still struggle to lose stubborn fat even after spending hours in the gym or struggle with other methods, Smart Lipo can result in a gorgeously contoured, slim body with tight and elastic skin. It may address insecurities with your stomach, thighs, chest, or other common areas.

Minimal Downtime, Faster Results

Other surgical procedures require a lengthy recovery that causes you to miss out on work, spending time with friends and family, and other important life activities. Rather than spending time recovering, Smart Lipo allows you to return to your routine sooner. You'll also love seeing the results in just a few days and knowing that they'll last for years to come. 

The Cost of Your Smart Liposuction in Connecticut

With any type of laser or surgical treatment, prices can vary significantly based on the specifics of the procedure, the place performing the service, your needs, geographic location, if an anesthetic is necessary, and other factors. It's vital to do your research before choosing a provider for this procedure, as seeking the lowest price for the quickest results doesn't guarantee that you'll receive the best work or achieve your goals.

Prices can change if you are seeking care at a clinic versus a hospital setting or if you're traveling to a less populated area. It doesn't hurt to seek the advice of multiple professionals and to obtain several quotes before making your final decision. Our business works with health insurance and can provide you with more information about whether we accept your plan during a consultation. 

Getting the Most From Your Liposuction Treatment With Connecticut Pain Solutions

Since you're investing time and money into your treatment, it's essential to do what you can to get the most from it. Some of our top recommendations for enjoying your finished results and feeling confident in your body include the following:

  • Look at before and after photos of other patients before seeking treatment.
  • Maintain realistic expectations for the procedure based on your health and body.
  • Talk to your specialists about your goals during the consultation.

Staying healthy and caring for your body is the best way to maintain the results of your Smart Liposuction treatment. Gaining weight could negatively affect your desired results, so try to stick to a healthy diet and exercise following the procedure. These measures will not only help you attain the appearance you want, but they'll also decrease your chances of developing health problems and illnesses. 

Smart Lipo Side Effects and Risk Factors for Consideration

Potential risks of this typically safe procedure include some tenderness, skin swelling, and redness in the targeted areas. You need some local anesthesia, but the process is much safer and more reliable than traditional liposuction treatments. Any complications following the procedure are rare and unlikely, but they're still possible and worth noting. 

Patients usually wear a compression garment to help the affected area heal in the days that follow. Since the process is quick and doesn't involve large incisions, you're likely to return to work soon after finishing treatment. Your specialist will also inform you of any potential risk factors you could face during and after treatment during your consultation and will recommend other options if Smart Lipo may not work well for your needs.

If you're experiencing serious swelling, discharge, bleeding, or severe pain following treatment or during recovery, don't hesitate to contact your doctor. They'll take a look, determine what's going on, and find the best way to assist you immediately.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do the Results From Smart Lipo Last?

The results from Smart Lipo often last permanently or for many years if you care for your body, maintain a consistent weight, and pursue a healthy diet and exercise. Many patients enjoy favorable, long-lasting results after completing their Smart Lipo treatment.

Will Smart Lipo Help Me Lose Weight?

No, Smart Lipo is not a way to help you lose weight, but rather, it helps you get rid of fat deposits when other efforts have proven unsuccessful. If you are dealing with obesity and loose skin or are hoping to lose weight, this procedure is perhaps not suitable for your goals. 

How Does Smart Lipo Differ From Traditional Liposuction?

Smart Lipo differs from traditional liposuction because it utilizes energy from lasers to liquify fat before carefully suctioning it. With traditional liposuction, the process is more invasive, physically sucking out the fat and requiring longer recovery.

How Many Treatment Sessions Will I Need for Laser Lipo in Connecticut?

You'll need anywhere between one to three treatments for your laser lipo in Connecticut, but many patients achieve the results they want with only one session. Depending on the amount of fat cells you wish to target and your provider's recommendations, one or two additional treatments can help. 

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Dr. Turok spent the time to discuss my condition and provided alternative ways to try to treat the condition.  He was very knowledgeable. He and his staff were very friendly.   I would highly recommend this practice. This a follow up to my previous post. Six weeks ago I had PRP treatment for hemifacial spasm and blepharospasm for the left side of my face.  I had been suffering for almost 18 months with this condition. The one treatment gave me 75% improvement with my condition.   I had a second treatment today and hope this is as good as the first. For those who have tried other treatments I highly recommend trying the PRP with Dr. Turok.
John Calatayud
I have been recovering from plantar fasciitis and ankle pain for multiple years following multiple basketball injuries and decided to try out Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy a couple of weeks ago. Plantar fasciitis takes a while to recover, so on paper, injecting platelet cells directly into the area will promote healing and speed up this lengthy recovery process so I can get back to my favorite activities as fast as possible. Sure enough, a couple of days after the PRP injection my foot started feeling better. The inflammation has drastically decreased and a lot of pain has gone away. Now, two weeks after the procedure, the foot is still feeling great! Dr. Turok recommends resting the area for 6 weeks after the procedure, so I can only project my injury getting better. Overall, my experience at Connecticut Pain Solutions has been very pleasant. The staff is very friendly and Dr. Turok himself is very knowledgeable and experienced in his practice. The procedure is very quick and painless, so I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to try out new things that might help them during their recovery!
Nikita B
I'm 101 years old and have been in chronic pain in my back and hip for years. I have tried every medication and procedure that has been recommended to me. The only treatment that has given me meaningful relief is the PRP injection provided by Dr. Turok. I am extremely thankful for the relief I am currently experiencing.
Josephine Giordano
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