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connecticut pain solutions

Experience comprehensive medical care from Connecticut’s top neurologists and pain management specialists at the Comprehensive Neurology and Pain Center of Connecticut. Get advanced treatments such as PRP Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy, Botox®, Xeomin®, and Dysport.
Dr. Igor Turok
About us

Connecticut Pain Solutions

Comprehensive Neurology and Pain Center of Connecticut, with locations in Wallingford and Ridgefield, Connecticut, offers extensive and unique care options for adults dealing with neurological issues, chronic pain, and general health and wellness concerns. Founder Igor Turok, MD, specializes in interventional pain management with a background in neurology, anesthesiology, and psychiatry, to provide patients with the best medical expertise and hands-on, compassionate care possible.

The team utilizes the most advanced technologies and therapies available, including a physician-owned laboratory, Magellan and Eclipse PRP® platelet-rich plasma (PRP) centrifuges, stem cell therapy with FlowerAmnioFlo™ and AmnioFix®, the Pro-nox™ Nitrous Oxide System, Verséa™ cannabidiol (CBD), and prolotherapy.

The professionals at Comprehensive Neurology and Pain Center of Connecticut also understand how aesthetics plays a role in quality of life, so they proudly offer Botox®, Xeomin®, and Dysport® to enhance youthfulness and help patients regain their sense of self. To support overall health and recovery from illness or dehydration, the in-office IV infusion center is available to complement any treatment plan.
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Connecticut Pain Solutions

As experts in pain management, our goal is to use minimally invasive techniques together with the most technologically advanced treatment protocols to help our patients avoid surgery for neck pain, back pain and other physical injuries. Our solutions include platelet rich plasma(PRP) treatment, hair regeneration therapy & stem cell injections. We also carry the O-Shot® & P-Shot® in Ridgefield & Wallingford, CT.
Pain Management Equipment

Pain Management

Compassionate and understanding, Dr. Turok
Provides effective and long lasting pain relief.
Navigating through the complexities of pain requires a steady, expert hand. Dr. Turok, with a compassionate and understanding approach, embarks on a mission to ensure your journey towards pain relief is both effective and enduring. Our specialized suite of services embraces innovative and proven pain management techniques, tailoring a unique path to alleviation for every patient.
Spinal Pain Management
Steroid Injections
Botox® for Pain Management
Dr. Igor Turok neurological health expert


Dr. Turok is trained to diagnose and treat neurological disorders.
Embark on a journey towards neurological health and stability with Dr. Turok, your expert navigator through the intricacies of the nervous system. Specializing in diagnosing and treating a diverse array of neurological disorders, our practice pivots on offering a sanctuary where innovation, expertise, and compassionate care converge.
EMG’s and EEG’s
Nerve Blocks
Spinal Cord Stimulators
Alzheimer’s Treatment

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What is PRP?

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PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a natural, non-surgical treatment that uses a patient's own blood platelets to promote healing in injured areas. Effective for various conditions like musculoskeletal injuries and inflammation, the procedure involves drawing blood, concentrating the platelets, and injecting them into the affected site. Side effects are typically minimal, with some soreness. Post-procedure, it's advised to limit intense activities for 4-6 weeks and engage in physical therapy for best results.
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Full Stories Of Why
Clients Are Satisfied With Our Treatments

Dr. Turok spent the time to discuss my condition and provided alternative ways to try to treat the condition.  He was very knowledgeable. He and his staff were very friendly.   I would highly recommend this practice. This a follow up to my previous post. Six weeks ago I had PRP treatment for hemifacial spasm and blepharospasm for the left side of my face.  I had been suffering for almost 18 months with this condition. The one treatment gave me 75% improvement with my condition.   I had a second treatment today and hope this is as good as the first. For those who have tried other treatments I highly recommend trying the PRP with Dr. Turok.
John Calatayud
I have been recovering from plantar fasciitis and ankle pain for multiple years following multiple basketball injuries and decided to try out Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy a couple of weeks ago. Plantar fasciitis takes a while to recover, so on paper, injecting platelet cells directly into the area will promote healing and speed up this lengthy recovery process so I can get back to my favorite activities as fast as possible. Sure enough, a couple of days after the PRP injection my foot started feeling better. The inflammation has drastically decreased and a lot of pain has gone away. Now, two weeks after the procedure, the foot is still feeling great! Dr. Turok recommends resting the area for 6 weeks after the procedure, so I can only project my injury getting better. Overall, my experience at Connecticut Pain Solutions has been very pleasant. The staff is very friendly and Dr. Turok himself is very knowledgeable and experienced in his practice. The procedure is very quick and painless, so I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to try out new things that might help them during their recovery!
Nikita B
I'm 101 years old and have been in chronic pain in my back and hip for years. I have tried every medication and procedure that has been recommended to me. The only treatment that has given me meaningful relief is the PRP injection provided by Dr. Turok. I am extremely thankful for the relief I am currently experiencing.
Josephine Giordano
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